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Dec 13, 2012 9:00am PST
the president and house speaker boehner. meanwhile, fed chairman ben bernanke, the man who coined the term fiscal cliff, urgently warned that just approaching the edge is causing damage. >> why is it that consumer confidence dropped so sharply this week? why is it that small business confidence dropped so sharply? why are the markets volatile, even though we're not yet even reached the point of the fiscal cliff potentially kicking in? it's already affecting business investment and hiring decisions by creating uncertainty or creating pessimism. >> a new nbc news wall street journal poll finds that nearly half the country does not think a deal will be reached. by a 2-1 margin, voters trust the president to handle the negotiations over speaker boehner. the last speaker of the house nancy pelosi had some stern advice for mr. boehner. >> you can bring a bill to the floor that the republicans don't have to vote for except for 25 of them. i had to do it as speaker. do you know what it was like to bring a bill to floor to fund the war in iraq. it's tough, but you have to do it, so is the
Dec 11, 2012 12:00pm EST
santa claus i think ben bernanke is coming tomorrow -- >> they both have white beards beards. >> that environment in essence, why be in cash? why be in treasuries? they're forcing you to go out and acquire risk -- whether you believe it's artificial or not. i think there is credibility in the belief that the lot of it is artificial stimulation. >> doesn't matter. >> it doesn't matter. >> market's going up. you want to be a part of it. >> the market, you are being forced into risk assets. it looks like europe is improving. looks like i merging markets are improving. there's other places for the flows of capital to go. not just the u.s. >> i think boehner sounded like today he was overplaying his hand a little bit. if you step back from the rhetoric, the back and forth posturing in washington, i think you have a market that if you look back in october, the s&p was trading 1470. it pulled all the way back after the election. now we took right out the 1425 level which was major support on the way down. we cut right through it this morning. the s&p is trading up over 1430 right now. i don'
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm EST
what ben bernanke does. i think his programs have long since not really helped the employment side, but the fiscal cliff is doing obvious damage. that's going to make what everybody knows is coming. we ran out of two years to sell. they're going to go from a twist to outright purchases. it's fully built into the market, but it isn't going to help. the fiscal cliff is going to do more damage to the psyche of job creation than anything that ben bernanke can do. >> any expectations in terms of the jobs numbers? what do you look for? >> we're looking for better than expected. rit, the sandy effect will be there. you should see actually better job growth next year, and that also becomes that second catalyst into the marketplace that could put the s&p at an all-time high next year. >> what about the fiscal cliff though? if we take out the mortgage deduction, which is being hotly debated in terms of the exemptions and loopholes, does that stop this housing recovery in its tracks? >> if you pick a midpoint between 0% and 3.5% and call it a fiscal slope, 1.5% drag next year is equivalent to
Dec 13, 2012 7:00am PST
over this fiscal cliff. you know, it was ben bernanke who first coined the term. and he was talking about the economy going over the cliff if we did not act appropriately. so we absolutely have to do the right thing here. now, having said that, to juxtapose medicare and social security, which are programs in which people pay into all their lives, as being the area that we are going to cut, is not where i believe the cut should be should be takes place. >> representative, from that note, according to politico, the article we were talking about earlier, john boehner is able to move on with revenue for the cuts if john boehner says okay to a deal, will you extend the tax hikes for the rich to raise the issues on medicare? >> that's one area that doesn't make any sense. why should we do something that's stupid? raising the retirement age from 65 to 67, actually, only nets $2 billion. and the other costs associated with it is, maybe it's closer to $5 billion. but the other costs associated with it, in emergency room its terms of having to subsidize medicare in the states takes us to $11
Search Results 52 to 55 of about 153